Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green TeaMatcha Green Tea is a finely milled green tea powder and is the main ingredient for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.
It has gained popularity thanks to its numerous health benefits and its very distinct flavour that captivates even non-tea drinkers. Matcha can be used in a number of things and doesn’t always have to be in a tea form, which is another reason why many use it these days.

Basically, Matcha is green tea leaves that are ground up by stone into a fine and delicate powder. Since this usually takes a lot longer to make than other teas, Matcha Green Tea can be a bit more expensive than its regular tea counterparts but it’s so worth the price! The best Matcha Green Tea comes from Japan, however, it’s still grown in lots of places. The actual practice of milling these types of tea leaves actually first came out of China back in the 10th century, so it’s an age-old process favoured by many. Those that pick Matcha tea leaves only pick the best buds, making for a superior product.

Matcha can be enjoyed either cold or warm, and can be used in different things like cocktails, lattes, in cooking to accentuate the taste of a savory dish and mixed into sweet confections like cakes and macarons. It has a naturally sweet taste with grassy notes and this makes it a great additive to a number of things.

Matcha isn’t just great in food and drinks, it is used in health and beauty products due to it being high in antioxidants. Matcha Green Tea is more beneficial than regular green tea since you actually drink the whole leaf and not just brewed water. It’s said that one glass of Matcha Green Tea is like drinking 10 glasses of regular tea in terms of its antioxidant content and nutritional value. Drinking it regularly can also help you de-stress since it is rich in L-Theanine, which is a rare amino acid that promotes relaxation and wellbeing. A cup of Matcha Green Tea a great pick-me-up which is why I have a cup in the morning to energize me for the day.

Have you tried Matcha? Do you use it in cooking? I would love to hear about it.